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The Answers

Have questions? We’ve got answers! 

If you can’t find the answer to your question below, reach out to us at hel[email protected] or give us a call or text at (830) 643-9216

The Studio

Where are you located?

1750 E Common St Ste 1105, New Braunfels Texas 78130. If you’re coming from common street, You can find us at the bottom left hand corner with a big ol’ pink sign that says ‘The Village’!

What is your business phone number and email?

What are the studio hours?

Studio hours can vary day to day but for the most part Monday through Friday we have classes starting at 5:30a and the last class usually 7:30p, then the studio closes around 9:00p.

This does vary from day to day, see schedule for more details. Hours can also vary based on teacher availability. We’re all human and some days we can’t find subs and have to cancel classes. This is why we HIGHLY encourage always checking the scheudlle on the app and registering before you come in.

I’d like to tour the studio before I come in for a class, is that possible?

Of course! Our front desk staff is present and can help most weekdays between the hours of 9:30a & 9:00pm. Otherwise our teachers are there helping at the front desk and can also be of assistance.

I like to use props, do you have any?

We sure do! We have blocks, bolsters, blankets, kettle bells, dumbbells and plenty more.

Are there showers I can use?

SURE ARE!! And they’re the prettiest showers you ever did see.

I get really sweaty and need to shower after class. Will There be towels i can use?

Yes! And they are some of the best 100% organic towels you ever did lay your hands on by Under The Canopy!

We rent out the towels for $3. Once you’re finished with them, throw them in the used towel bins located near the showers.

OR For $10 a month we have the unlimited towel service you can tack on to your membership.

Towel Specs: 

100% Organic Cotton, Certified OEKO-TEX, FCS, and GOTS

I lost something! Where do I go to find it?

We have a designated area for lost and found located at the front desk. Ask one of our staff and we will grab it for ya.

The Classes

If it's my first time coming to class, what time should I arrive?

If it is your first time coming we require you to arrive at the studio 15 minutes early so we can give you a tour of your new yoga and movement home. And if you have littles and plan on using Lil’ VIllage we ask you to arrive 30 minutes prior. It’s our goal to make sure you do not feel rushed and we have lots of time to show you around and how to check in at future classes. We want your stay with us to feel “like home” and to give yourself time to energetically settle in. We also have a few special gifts for you on your first visit. So trust us, early is always better! 😉 

Are all of your classes heated?

Nope! We have a variety of classes that are nonheated. Here they are listed:

  • The Deep (Meditation)
  • The Breath (Yin Based Practice)
  • The Teens/Tweens
  • The Playground (Age 3 – 6)
  • The Lil’ (boot) Camp (Age 6 – 10) – Outdoors On Patio
  • The Roots (Warm, NOT HOT)
  • The (boot) Camp
  • Prenatal Workshop & Support Group
  • BirthFit™

How hot are we talkin’ for the ones that are heated?!

  • The heated classes range from warm to heated, being anywhere between 85 – Mid To High 90s. Heated classes use Far Infrared Radiate (FIR) Heating Panels, penetrating the body way differently than traditional push air HVAC. Classes might feel hotter depending on the amount of people in class, weather outsides, location to FIR panel overhead etc;
  • Humidity will not be altered during the class, Tejas is humid enough ya’ll, so you can rest and breathe easy.
  • We strive to create an environment of comfort and inclusivity, so if at any point in time you feel overheated you are always welcome to take a step outside the studio to sip some water and breathe. You can also request a cold lavender towel out of the in-studio mini fridge. Please let us know how best we can support you too! We’re here to help! 

I’ve never done yoga or group classes before. What should I expect?

  • Expect to move, breathe, sweat, and most importantly, connect. To yourself, your neighbor, your teacher.
  • Most of our classes are heated, so come prepared with a mat towel, water, and sweat-wicking clothes for the best possible experience.
  • If it is your first time we require you to arrive at the studio 15 minutes early so we can give you a tour of your new yoga and movement home, and to give yourself time to energetically settle in. We also have a few special gifts for you on your first visit. So trust us, early is always better! 😉 

What class is best for me?

That is up for you to decide, friend. We encourage you to read the descriptions of classes before taking them to see if they’re what you’re looking for.

All of our classes are meant to be accessible and all levels. So If you’re taking a new type of class for the first time, talk to your teacher about what to expect and if you have any health or physical issues they should be aware of. Our teachers are very knowledgeable and can adapt classes as needed so that you can have the optimal experience!

Anything I should keep in mind during class?

You are the best advocate for yourself. Listen to YOUR body. You are never required to do everything the teacher is guiding you through. You always have the freedom and autonomy to move in ways that feel good for you, and to take rests as needed (water breaks are great too!)

Be open to the story your body is communicating. So leave all expectations of our physicality at the door so you are open to the beauty of what your body CAN do!

What do I bring to an in person class?

Bring your yoga mat, water bottle, and towel and most importantly….your gorgeous self 😉 The only class that you would wear shoes to is The (Boot) Camp

Is it required that I sign up online prior to class?

It is not required but it is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. When you are signed up we can contact you if needed. Life happens and sometimes we have to cancel classes when we can’t find subs. If you are signed up we will text you to let you know of any class cancelations.

You can always just walk and check yourself in at the IPad. BUT if you are NEW and coming for the fist tie we ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your first class. We have a special gift for you and woud love to show you around

Also, if you’re bringing children and are utilizing Lil’ Village (Child Watch) it’s super helpful when you register ahead of time, see the Lil’ VIllage page. If it is your FIRST time AND you are bringing kiddos please arrive 30 minutes prior to class starting. Besides a special gift and tour of the studio, we will also show you how to check in inside of Lil’ Village. It’s also VERY IMPORTANT for your littles to feel adjusted and not rushed, as this is all new for them too. 

What if I don't have a mat of my own to bring?

No worries! We’ve got you. For only $5 you can rent a Manduka yoga mat and that includes Yogi Toes Yoga Mat Towel.

We also have Manduka mats for sale in our retail area as well!

What if I’m going to be a few minutes late to class?

No problem at all! Come on in! When you get here we will get you all settled in at the front desk. We ask that you enter quietly through the back side door that is next to the cubbies to not disturb the yogis as you enter. ***If you think you will be later than 10 minutes then we will ask you to reschedule for another class.

Cancelation/ no show policy

If you are attending a class on a drop in rate and cant make the class you are scheduled to attend, the amount paid will roll back into your account for later use (for drop in’s only). No worries!

Refund Policy

Our refunds are on a case by case basis. Contact us via email or phone if you have any questions! 

The Membership

What are the membership/ payment options?

We have a wide variety of membership options to choose from! Head to our Membership page here to learn more. 

I dont want to sign a contract, do you have an other options available?

Sure do! We have an auto-pay month-to-month, zero-commitment membership.  Cancel anytime with a 7 day written notice to [email protected].

How do I cancel my month to month membership?

We’ll be sad to see you go but shoot us an email at [email protected] 

The Lil’ Village (Child Watch)

Who can use our childcare services?

Lil’ Village (Child Watch) is included with The Membership & The Annual Membership. It is part of our Membership Perks.

Drop-Ins, The Mini Pack, and Class packs DO NOT INCLUDE The Membership Perks. Instead, there will be a $5 charge per child. 

What are the hours for Lil' Village?

The Lil’Village is open 7 days a week! All of our classes on the schedule will be labeled in the title with either “With Child Watch” or “NO Child Watch”. That way you’ll know how to plan with the fam accordingly!

Is there a limit on how many kids I can bring to childcare?

Nope! Bring the whole tribe! Just make sure you register all the kiddos through the Procare App. Click here to register them now. 

If it’s your first time registering and attending the studio with your little/s, please arrive 30 minutes early so we can get your kiddo/s registered and acquainted with the new space! Plus we have a special gift for you and can’t wait to show you all around. 

Can I bring my kids friends or extended family members with us to the Lil' Village?

Your membership, drop-in class or class pack includes the Lil’ Village for your children, not your child’s guest(s) or extended family member(s). Unless you are the legal guardian of said child(ren), we can not be responsible for them on our property. We can not be liable for your child’s guest/friend/family member(s) while their legal guardian is not on the property.

How long can I use the Lil' Village each day?

Our Lil’ Village (Child Watch) service is available for one class per day and up to 2 hours. So do your thang mama, papa or caregiver, we got you. It takes a village!! We’ll come find you or send you a text when it’s time to pick up the kiddos. 

My child loves yoga and movement classes and is mature enough to attend, can they come with me to an adult class?

Sure, why not! If you’re comfortable with it and think they are mature enough to attend an adult class then we trust you! If your child becomes bothersome and not able to keep up with the flow of the class or is disturbing other clients then we will ask them to leave. Kiddos taking a drop-in adult class is only $15 or $55 a month on auto-withdraw. The included kids’ classes (The Play Ground & The Lil’ Camp) are at no extra charge! 

What’s the age requirement if my kiddo(s) want to come to a (adult) class?

That’s totally up to you as the parent/guardian. If they can vibe, let em vibe. See the above answer 😉 

I have an unlimited membership. I just need some ‘me’ time to shower but don't necessarily want to take class today…can I still use the Lil' Village Child Watch service for my kiddos?

You absolutely can. We understand how important that ‘me’ time is. So if you just need to shower or time on the back patio to relax for a bit, we will provide child watch service for up to two hours. Take care of you, babe! The only requirement is that you stay on-site as we are NOT a daycare. 

This must be done around the same time as a class. This ensures proper coverage back in Lil’ Village. 

The Video Library

How do I access the Video Library?

Once you have joined and AFTER VERIFYING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, you’ll receive a “Welcome To The Village” email within 24 hours. This email will have the password and information needed to access the Video Library. There are actually a few different ways to open the Video Library. You can open The Village App and click The Videos button, or from our website click The Videos page, or go directly to our Vimeo page.

Will the passcode to the Video Library ever change?

Active members will receive an email with the updated passcode for our LIVE Zoom classes and updated password for our Video Library. If for any reason your password does not work or you do not receive the passcode and password email each quarter please contact [email protected]. Please do not share this information with others as this is a Karma based system and we hope to keep it this way.

Will there be music playing in the videos like a LIVE Class?

No, there will not be music playing on the videos in our Video Library. We encourage you to play some of your favorite tunes and tailor your music to what you’re trying to accomplish in your practice. Another great option is to follow The Village teachers Spotify Playlists and use the same playlist that was played during the LIVE class. At the beginning of each video we try to always let you know what the name of the playlist is as well as que you when to start the playlist. Make sure to select the song at the top of the playlist instead of pressing the big green play button.This will ensure the songs play in sequence and not on shuffle mode. 

Let’s Talk

Have questions? We have the answers! Let us know what’s on your mind.

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