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1750 E. Common St. Ste 1105
Near Gruene, Texas 
Call or Text 830-643-9216

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To empower and challenge our community to show up and do the work through movement, mental health awareness, and heart work. We promise to lead courageously with inclusion, vulnerability, grace, and accountability. This work allows infinite possibilities for growth and connection both on and off of the mat.


“A complete game-changer for at-home yoga. A class at home with a teacher who sees me!”

the virtual membership

When you join The Village, you’ll have a virtual studio experience like you’ve never had before!

  • Weekly virtual LIVE classes
  • Access to growing video library
  • Access to virtual yoga and wellness workshops included
  • Local & national discounts

You’ll show up for the movement, but you’ll stay for the community! #ittakesavillage

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No matter where you are in your yoga and fitness journey, we have a class for you! The fitness is obvious, but what comes under the fitness is where the magic happens. The self-confidence, the heart work, dealing and healing with our struggles together, this is the work. This is called showing up and this is what The Village will challenge you to do! #dothework

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Now, more than ever, we believe that movement should be accessible to everybody with the teachers that you know and love. Whether you can’t make it to a studio or just prefer to practice at home, we’ve got a class for you. With our two-way personal interaction and powerful Spotify playlist, you’ll feel like you’re front row with your favorite teacher receiving support, accountability, and adjustments just like you would in studio. Wherever you are, we’re there! #justshowup #getinthezoom

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“Thank you soooo much for this movement! I cried!! This was my first time doing yoga. It was so powerful and I left everything that was weighing me down.

The teachers

Our teachers offer more than just a kick-ass physical yoga practice and life changing restorative classes. They’re a strong group of leaders that have overcome hardship, trials, and tribulations like so many of us. Most importantly, they’re relatable, they know personally the power of mindful meditative movement and how this practice affects us both physically and mentally. With the power of movement, music, and words, they remind us that the growth is in the grit. While each is unique in their offerings, they all show up to do the work with strength, grace, and vulnerability.

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As much as we love seeing your face in the LIVE classes, we know first hand how life can get busy. So don’t worry, we have a growing video library that you’ll have access to with your membership. Just press play from your computer or phone then flow, sweat, and savasana, whenever, wherever. Enjoy your favorite classes and series any time, anywhere.

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“I really let myself get into it and I felt myself getting emotional towards the end (but in a good way) which was a first for me. Thank you for letting The Village be a place of love and acceptance.

Local Events

Offering FREE and affordable outdoor classes to our community in New Braunfels, Texas will always be a priority of ours even after we open our brick and mortar studio. A mission of The Village is to offer yoga and movement that is inclusive, affordable, and accessible to our local community. The characteristics of “work hard and make good progress” defined New Braunfels at its founding over 165 years ago. These principles were augmented by a devotion to civic involvement and family celebration. Though much has changed since 1845, the core principle set forth by the founders – hard work, progress, civic pride and family devotion – have remained a steadfast way of New Braunfels’ life. The Village and our amazing community embrace these characteristics and we hope you will join too. Let’s do the work and be fearless in the pursuit of progress and happiness!

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the workshops & the support

The Village is proud to offer more than just yoga workshops. Of course, we will teach you about arm balances and how to go upside down, but what about a yoga and movement studio that brought you workshops on mental health, trauma, meditation, sound healing, nervous system regulation, breathwork, cold exposure, sweat lodges, ecsatic dance, rhythmic drumming, parenting, postpartum you name it, life coaching, medical experts, functional dieticians and providers, nutrition, strength training, spiritual journeys, financial health, relationships … the list will continue to grow, as always, tell us whatcha want and we’ll add it to the schedule!!!

Also!!!! We’ve partnered with local organizations, mental health experts and local professionals to bring you support groups of all kinds, especialluy those for mothers (ttc, pregnant or postpardum) and caregivers. We need each other, you can feel it, it’s pallpable! So please tell us how best we can support you, your family and this community. 


“My emotions and anxieties have felt trapped in me until I started working with The Village. This work helps me to shake it off. I can’t describe it but it works, and I’m here for it. Thank you!

The Partners

Who doesn’t love a good discount?!?!? As a member of The Village, you’ll have access to a growing list of exclusive local and national discounts. Yes, we’re a virtual studio that can reach people all across the world, but at the heart of The Village, we’re small-town business owners that believe supporting local comes number one!


The questions

We’ve got answers! As we all navigate this new virtual studio world we know there can be lots of questions. Like how do I sign up for classes, do I have to have a Zoom account to join, and what if I miss a live class?

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The Testimonies

We could describe all of the amazing physical, mental and spiritual benefits you’ll receive working with The Village, but that would be no fun. When it comes to real results, we think it’s best for our members to tell you why they LOVE us.

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One thing you should know about our owner, Kelly Beck, is that she always has SOOO MANY QUESTIONS!!! Press subscribe and listen along as she interviews business owners, wellness professionals, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home mamas, and everyone in between. If there is a question to be had, she will ask it. Trust us, she doesn’t hold back.

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The Future Studio

The Village you see and love today is not The Village that we planned on opening in 2020. After many years of dreaming, then many months of negotiation, design and work, we were set to open our brick and mortar studio The Village, near Gruene, Texas. Then the pandemic hit and taught us the power of a pause and the power of a pivot…oh, and did we mention the power of deep breaths?!

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