The Teachers

Our teachers offer more than just a kick-ass physical yoga practice and life changing restorative classes. They’re a strong group of leaders that have overcome hardship, trials, and tribulations like so many of us. Most importantly they are relatable, they know personally the power of mindful meditative movement and how this practice affects us both physically and mentally. With the power of movement, music, and words they remind us that the growth is in the grit. While each is unique in their offerings they all show up to do the work with strength, grace, and vulnerability.

Kelly Beck – Founder & Owner of The Village & 200 RYT

“As a competitive athlete most of my life, I was first drawn to yoga as a challenge, as a way to compete with myself and really push my body to new boundaries. YES YES, I know, this is not what yoga is about but I think everyone starts yoga with one intention and then like magic it opens doors and peels back layers we didn’t even know existed. That’s truly the beauty of this work. Sure the physical benefits are amazing and they’re obvious but I wasn’t expecting to cry in savasana, I wasn’t expecting to tap into my mental health and I surely wasn’t expecting to have the spiritual awakenings I have had since starting!!! My whole life I have been solar-powered and craved sweaty workouts, so to find heated yoga after college my life was forever changed. I dug into my personal practice like never before and decided to deepen it even more by starting my teacher training in 2010. This training would forever change me, I knew I wanted to teach, I knew I wanted to own a studio and later would find my passion to help caregivers have access to an intimate studio experience.

In my early years of teaching, I tried to fit into a box, I taught like I had been taught, and yet I was feeling a void, I felt like my students needed more. I wanted to combine my love for yoga, boot camps, pilates, strength training, meditation, and powerful music into my offerings and yet I let fear win and stayed in that box. I promise, just like you, I’m scared of change, I have fears, I have struggles, but ya know what, I keep pushing and challenging these thoughts. In case you’re wondering, fear is a liar and I knew I needed to lean into the discomfort and challenge not only myself but my students. I knew my village needed this physical push in order to have breakthroughs in heart work and breakthroughs in mental health, there was a connection there and I just needed to be brave enough to try, and SO I DID!!! Our bodies carry so much both mentally and physically and this work allows you to shake off that excess, allows us to be our truest self. I promise to lead you in a powerful yoga class, a class that will show you your edge and then allows you to decide to stay or pull back. We will move, sweat and probably dance!

I’m not perfect, I continue to fail, and yet I get back on the mat to start time and time again, this work has truly taught me to let go of the ego and be my truest self. It’s taught me over and over that, I am in charge of my destiny, my thoughts and my mind and body. My hope and passion is to teach you these things too! So grab that 6 feet of magical real estate, roll it out, press that link and just show up, I promise the growth is in the grit!”

Off the Mat

“Family is number one! When I’m not on the mat, the first place you’ll find me is hanging out with my ride or die best friend of a husband, and our two miracle bebes. If we aren’t at home having family movie nights or dancing to music, you’ll find us outside enjoying nature or dipping into any body of water we can find. I’m 100% solar-powered, water feeds my soul, and the kiddos are basically fish. I’m also a playlist making, creating sequencing sweataholic, so when I’m off the mat, I’m usually planning how to get back on, ha! So meet me there or somewhere in between, I’m just getting started!”

Katti  Henderson – 200 RYT

“Yoga to me is about telling the truth. It means showing up to the mat exactly as I am in that moment and honoring every last bit of what I am able to bring (the good, bad, and everything in between). Sometimes that looks like a hot sweaty power flow where I feel as if I embody all things “Warrior-Princess-Bad-Ass-Superwoman,” and other times it looks like an hour in Child’s Pose where I cry my eyes out and process what is breaking my heart. Yoga is a constant journey to true authenticity and vulnerability with ourselves and the world around us.

Every time we roll out our mats it looks different. When I am guiding my classes my goal is to create a safe space where my students can enter in with curiosity instead of a sense of striving or perfectionism. I aim to enthusiastically guide my people into a judgment-free zone where we can check our egos at the door and simply allow what is to be. I love to curate the perfect playlist to jive with the intention of our practice! From Beyonce to Hootie and the Blowfish, you never know who’s about to belt out a tune!

I came to yoga in 2010 when searching for natural remedies for my debilitating endometriosis symptoms. I was in my first year of teaching elementary school and my husband, Adam, and I were beginning the process of adopting our first child. That journey was wrought with many ups and downs that created a lot of anxiety in our lives. My faith and the moving meditation that is yoga became my saving grace. My yoga mat became my safe space; a place where I could let my guard down, tell the truth and talk to God about what was happening in my heart and mind.

In 2012, I lost my dad to suicide and my lens regarding mental health completely shifted. Yoga went from something I did for myself, to something I longed to share with others. This movement is a powerful practice that can become the change agent to up-level your life so that you can become exactly who you were created to be! I know that sounds like a high claim, so I invite you to come check it out for yourself! When we carve out the time to slow down and connect to our breath, we can become conscious observers of our own bodies and our inner realm. It is then that we can start to call ourselves out on our own BS and find growth in ways we never thought possible!

I did my teacher training in 2015 and became a 200-RYT. We now have three beautiful children through the beautiful journey of adoption and love calling New Braunfels home. I have been so blessed to have met many beautiful souls on the mat, and I can’t wait for YOU to be one of them! Come on! Let’s Go! This work has truly taught me to let go of the ego and be my truest self. It’s taught me over and over that, I am in charge of my destiny, my thoughts and my mind and body. My hope and passion is to teach you these things too! So grab that 6 feet of magical real estate, roll it out, press that link and just show up. I promise the growth is in the grit!”

Off the Mat

“When I’m not on the mat, you can find me hitting the local running trails, mommin’ to my three babies, livin’ that homeschool lyfe, and hangin’ with my hubs. I’m always jamming to music and looking for ways to inspire growth in myself and others. The river feeds my soul and I find the water’s edge as much as I possibly can.”

Hannah Frienhahn – 200 RYT

“Connection. Yoga has always been about connection for me. As a teen, and like most people at that age, I was knowingly and unknowingly craving comfort and connection with others, myself, and my body. My mom, being the loving, supportive  powerhouse that she is took me to a small class at a friend’s home and from there I instantly felt like I had a better understanding and respect for breath, movement, and myself. That better understanding has sent me on what will forever be a journey of self inquiry, discovery, growth, and fun, on and off my mat. Although there are times I flow in and out of that feeling of connection, empowerment, and strength, I know I can step back on my mat or come back to my breath at ANY moment and re-connect. 

In 2013 I was blessed with an incredible 200hr yoga training with Big Power Yoga in Houston and from there I have been able to take my teaching and practice around the country and world. 

My life changed when yoga showed me that I was in fact not looking for comfort, I was looking for strength, play and empowerment through the connection of my body, mind, soul, and breath. I am here to share my experience, to hold space for yours, to have fun, and to create connection through breath, movement, and love.”

Off the Mat

“When I’m not on the mat, you can find me barefoot by the river, exploring a park with my family, cuddling up with our son, Beck, creating some yummy food in the kitchen, gardening with my husband, and drinking wine everywhere (ha!).”

Maddy Stone – 200 E-RYT/500 RYT  |  Clinical Yoga Therapy Intern

“Howdy Folks! My name is Madeline Stone, originally from Texas I moved to Austin in 2011, and San Marcos in 2018. I recently just bought my first home in Mystical Magical Martindale and it is a dream. I was first introduced to yoga in 2012 while discovering myself on adventures and travels in the PNW. Since starting my yoga practice, I have come to understand myself and life with a whole new perspective. After moving back to Texas from Portland, OR in 2017 I found the teacher training program at Namah Shivaya Jyoti Yoga and completed the 200hr Hatha course. In December 2017 I completed a Yin Yoga training with Gioconda Parker. In October 2018 I completed my 500hr certification with Practice Yoga Austin with an emphasis on Advanced Asana and Philosophy. I am currently completing the Clinical Yoga Therapy Program with My Vinyasa Practice and is offering Yoga Therapy sessions to my community.

I specialize in Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy. I also love to teach Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga with a twist of my own style. I believe balance in life is health and my classes focus on awareness, the self, being present, and cultivating a sense of wholeness through all limbs of yoga. Students can anticipate a practice that is filled with mindful movement, conscience breathing, and will always change depending on the energy of the day. In addition, I bring a unique and deepened savasana with the soothing and healing sounds of Tibetan/Crystal singing bowls and meditation chimes. My goal as a yoga teacher and therapist is to help others know they have the ability to heal themselves.

I am very passionate about teaching yoga and welcome everyone to open their heart to the divine within and all around. We are all divine beings having a human experience, let’s have fun with it.”

Offers: Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha, Meditation, Sound Healing, and Yoga Therapy

Off the Mat

“Off the mat, you can catch me in or by the river, adventuring outdoors with my husband, and best friend, Lucy Bay, the Aussie. You can also find me in my home studio where I base my business, Just Be Wellness, out of. I offer different types of healing sessions and handmade self-care products filled with love. I enjoy expressing myself through singing, dancing, playing volleyball, and painting. One of my favorite relaxation practices are long baths. Twice a month, I offer women’s circles with a yogi friend and we share in sisterhood and community; it’s pretty powerful. Other than that, you can find this fairy on the fly, making magic. : ) See you in the studio!”

Rebecca Cummings – ISSA Sports Nutrition Specialist – AFPA Certified Personal Trainer

“I earned my B.S. in Dietetics & Nutrition in 2009, became a certified fitness coach and business owner in 2011, and a mom to two wild crazy boys in 2014. I have been passionate about nutrition and fitness for almost two decades now. I feel fulfilled nurturing my family and helping people maximize their health and quality of life. My love of fitness has a lot more to do with what it does to ones mental health versus the, obvious, physical benefits.

I am a professionally trained dancer and was an NFL cheerleader. Dance has always been a place for me to be creative and to decompress. When my dancing career came to a close due to growing a family I needed a way to be creative and let go again. That is where I found teaching bootcamp classes.

I use my creative side to create all sorts of different work-outs and moves (some of which I’ve made up and named). The letting go and clearing my head comes from enabling me to let go of my own doubts and pushing myself and others further than what was thought possible. Coming out the other side, or making it through 60 minutes is what recharges me.

I love empowering others by teaching them how to take control of their own lives by adopting strategies and habits sustainable for the rest of their lives. It doesn’t matter if I’m teaching my little boys the power of sleep, exercise, and eating their veggies or helping a professional athlete achieve the most extreme performance goals. I LOVE helping my fellow human beings!

I cannot express how happy it makes me to help people realize their goals and find what health and fitness means for them. I cannot wait to connect, support, and empower every single one of you. Lets find what success, longevity, and happiness means for you. Cheers to your health!!”

Off the Mat

“When I’m not kicking my own butt in a workout, you can find me and my family enjoying the great Texas outdoors. I am the only female in the house (even our dog is a dude) so that means all the hiking, camping, river/lake/ocean swimming that is physically possible. My husband an dI love food so whenever we can get a babysitter, we love exploring all of the local cuisine in the New Braunfels area. So if you need a restaurant recommendation, I’m your girl! I also decided to dive head first into homeschooling this year, because let’s make life crazier right?”

Jessie Clark – 200 RYT

“For me, yoga started as a physical outlet and a mental escape from reality while battling depression, anxiety, emotional trauma, and uncertainty.

As I continued to show up, move, breathe, and sweat through each practice, I noticed a shift happening. I started to let go of the false beliefs I had about myself and discovered how resilient I am. I found a love for myself like never before. I became aware of my emotions and what I needed to move through them in each moment. I found strength, confidence, hope, clarity, and a community of people doing their best and lifting each other up.

With the hopes of sharing these gifts, I took the leap and completed my 200hr teacher training with BIG Power Yoga in the Spring of 2020.

As a life-long student of the practice, I aim to create an environment of curiosity to allow students to experience the practice in their own bodies and encourage them to try something new. My creative and energetic flows support students in letting go of resistances, finding strength, confidence, play, and self-expression.

By grounding, awakening, and opening to the practice, I hope to empower yogis to know that you have everything you need to show up for yourself and others the way YOU want to. Come discover new possibilities as we move and breathe together!

I am so excited to share my passion with my hometown, and can’t wait to grow and transform with this beautiful community of yogis in NBTX!”

Off the Mat

“Off the mat, you can find me with my favorite adventure crew: my partner and fellow yogi, Marc, and our Goldendoodle, Jade. We love taking long walks at Landa Park, enjoying drinks outside on a beautiful day, visiting with family, and exploring all our beautiful city has to offer.

In my spare time ( 😉 ) I’m a hardcore planner working to transform my little corner of the world with the H.E. Butt Foundation. As the community engagement and communications project manager, I am constantly shifting and multi-tasking to ensure excellence in all we do. You can check out our work at

Katie Rae Preston – 200 RYT

“I grew up cheerleading, tumbling, playing softball, and running track. Vigorous sports have always been my thing so I had to keep an open mind back in 2008 when one of my good friends convinced me to go with her to a beginner yoga series. Needless to say, I fell in love with the practice. It gave me a chance to improve my strength and flexibility, but it also gave me the same mental workout I received while running. Over the years I had used my strenuous workouts to combat depression and my body took the toll of injuries from overuse. Yoga gave me the ability to focus on my mental health in a safe way. During the course of practicing for over a decade I often got asked why I wasn’t instructing yoga myself. Working full time, being a wife, and mother to two young children it just never seemed like a convenient time to get my certification. However, during the pandemic I was furloughed from my full time job. I began searching for a positive outlet that was just for me. When I heard many studios were offering certification online I jumped at the chance. It’s been a wonderful reminder to focus on the positive, and never stop learning or growing. I love that The Village shares the importance of yoga not only being a physical practice, but a practice for mental health as well. I’m a firm believer that yoga should be fun so be prepared to laugh and use jazz hands in my classes.”

Off the Mat

“Most of my time is spent behind a camera (and let’s be honest, a computer screen) photographing weddings, graduates, and families through my photography business, River Run Photograpy. However, for fun, you can find me with my husband and kids paddle boarding the Guadalupe River, hiking many of the local area trails, planning our next beach getaway, or attending concerts at Gruene Hall. I volunteer by planning community events for my neighborhood, attending monthly meetings for the New Braunfels Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, and I’m a member of NB Women Go. You can also listen to me live at Wimberley Valley Radio on Wednesdays from 7am to 9am.”

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