The Future Studio

“We find ourselves taking a deep breath at the thought of putting this in writing. We debated even having this page on the website but if you know us then you know we lean on the side of full transparency, so here we are. If you read our ABOUT US page then you understand why it’s important to share what the future of The Village looks like. What you see today is not The Village that was set to launch in 2020. What you see today, is what we like to call a pivot.

Like so many business owners this pandemic hit and we froze, there were so many questions we had and no one to answer them. We had spent the previous year negotiating multiple locations for The Village. When the pandemic hit we had just spent 6 months of negotiations on what we thought was going to be our dream studio. We were hours and we mean hours away from signing the lease when that second weekend in March 2020 hit the Nation like a ton of bricks. After advice from our lawyer, broker, and family we decided to pause the opening of the brick and mortar studio. This was a decision that we did not take lightly, and was one of the hardest we’ve ever made. After many sleepless nights and tears spent grieving the studio we hopped online and started teaching virtual classes, Kelly knew her students needed her, and more importantly, we needed them. We had no idea what we were doing, the audio was crap, visually it was a mess and we sure wern’t ready for the online technical knowledge that was needed to really make this look legit. As the pandemic went on we watched studio after studio not only temporarily close but permanently close their doors. Our heart ached for their businesses and all of the students that had their home studios close. We were so scared to move forward and have the same thing happen to The Village. It was in these hard months that the pivot to open The Village Virtual Studio was born and this is what you see and feel today. It’s taken many months to learn what this online virtual world looks like and TRUST US, we still have so much more to learn, we are just getting started.

Fast forward to the day we DO OPEN this brick and mortar!!!. Really, what does the future of The Village have in store for you?!? We want to challenge the Boutique Fitness Studio (BFS) industry, chest bump them if you will and ask them the hard questions, WHY are you not providing a space for my entire family to grow, thrive and be our best? Why do caregivers have to decide who is more in need of a class, why do we have to constantly find childcare in order to attend most boutique fitness studios, why do they not offer childcare, where does my community gather once class ends…sooo many questions?? Ever thought to ask your studio these questions??? No, we don’t ask, we just settle and figure it out along the way. Well, this is how The Village was born, it came out of a necessity, it was born out of a need for this type of studio to exist. There are countless caregivers out there saying, I just wish they had childcare at my “fill in the blank” studio. After having our daughter we were unable to get back to our home studio, our people, our community, our village, and the class times that had all of my favorite humans. What was most upsetting was loosing our special times going to the studio together. This was “our thing” it was our date night, it was truly a safe space that allowed us to be vulnerable and work through life together. Like so many new parents in this same position we canceled our studio membership, we stopped putting yoga and movement as a priority because let’s be honest, it just wasn’t convenient anymore. This was the moment we knew exactly what our future studio needed, it’s when we realized the “niche” for our studio, we must offer CHILD CARE! We also want a space that challenges not only a physical practice but one that provides a safe space to talk about mental health and with the help of movement, have breakthroughs for change. We dreamed of a space that screamed, just show up, we have everything you and your entire family need, no more excuses. Movement, yoga, strength, childcare, spa-like locker room, showers, towels, mats, food & snacks for purchase, community space to gather, locally sourced retail, workshops and so much more!!! This is ALL INCLUDED at an affordable monthly cost, making it accessible for all people and most important all families. And YES, our 30 plus page business plan had a virtual studio in place, so really we’re just flipping things around a little, ha! This was another important piece for us as virtual yoga was all I was left with when we canceled our in-studio membership. Unlike most of the pre-recorded videos I watched, I want to create a virtual experience that makes you feel like you are in the room, right there, next to your friends moving and doing the work together.

One day VERY SOON we will open this space and one day very soon we will all be giving each other sweaty hugs and high fives again. Until then we hope to see you virtually and at our free outdoor events. Stay in touch, we open soon!!!!!

it takes a village,


Kelly & DougBeck

Founders and Owners, The Village
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