We could describe all of the amazing physical, mental and spiritual benefits you’ll receive working with The Village, but that would be no fun. When it comes to real results, we think it’s best for our members to tell you why they LOVE The Village.
There are so many amazing things to say about The Village, or more specifically, about Kelly Beck. She truly has a gift for empowering and uplifting all of her students, encouraging them to rise to their own unique greatness. She so beautifully creates an environment, virtually or in person, where your soul feels safe enough to show up. And as your body flows and sweats through her class, your soul will be right there too, doing the hard work with you. So not only is this an amazing workout that burns TONS of calories, builds lean, strong, and sexy muscles..but I also found that through dedicated practice, I was able to access and work through my stuffed away emotions and traumas so that I was finally able to start releasing them. Kelly has given me a tool that I will forever use to further my journey of self-healing, growth, and love. There are no other instructors quite like Kelly from my experience. She breathes hope and purpose into every single one of her students, and she succeeds in setting their hearts, bodies, and minds ablaze!
Kelly is an amazing instructor, truly takes the time to get to know each client personally. Her instruction is wonderful and will cater and show mods for each level of experience. Her studio is truly a community of support and empowerment.
Liked is an understatement. I don’t think I realized how much I needed this mentally even more than physically. With in the first 5 sentences of you introducing what you do I almost cried. You said “let’s thank our bodies and appreciate everything about them” and you were talking about not comparing...Girrrllll! Straight to my heart. The Village is amazing. I won’t miss another one, and I’ll be your #1 for your studio!
Absolutely PHENOM class today! Thank you so much. Practicing at home is good for my soul but being led and changing things up was amazing. Loved your flow and the vibe. Also - MUSIC, from Lil Wayne during obliques to freaking Lauren Daigle in shavasana! Thank you a million times for hosting.
Just wanted to let you know that class was amazing and on another level for me today! I really let myself get into it and I felt myself getting emotional towards the end (but in a good way) which was a first for me. Thank you for letting your The Village be a place of love and acceptance.
Today I chose not to rush my normal Wednesday morning routine and chose time for myself. Enter The Village. Thank you Lord for gifting me another day. For filling my lungs with air. For allowing me to move freely. For bringing this awesome lady to New Braunfels to provide a space for people to feel comfortable and to empower us to move. Every class I leave feeling stronger and have more mental clarity for the day.
Life is crazy and I have yet had a chance to brag on my sweet friend Kelly Beck
If you have yet to take one of her yoga classes, do so. Now. Add her. Follow her. Whatever. And show up. I pop into her hot yoga sessions every chance I get and aside from the badass challenging yoga- the woman just speaks to my soul. Yesterday, mid hot yoga session, she said “the journey IS the destination” and holy moly if those aren’t some words to live by- I don’t know what would be. Love the process. Because if you don’t love the process, you won’t love the destination. In life, love, business...everything. Kelly, The Village is growing and you’re changing lives. Keep killin’ it.
Are you stressed? Are you feeling overloaded? Over caring, overbearing, or overweight? You need Kelly beck. Or as I like to say, “KB”. She is lovely. Open to all body types, all practice styles, and has all the best vibes. Her doggie poo is so sweet, “CHEECH” but don’t be fooled she is SOO SOOO professional. I fell in love with yoga in South Dakota, and she has completely changed my practice in New Braunfels, Tx. She is wonderful, and you need to take her class. Trust me.
My wife and I took private yoga lessons from Kelly which she offered in her own home. Her home studio was very relaxing and we felt as comfortable as if we were wearing pajamas in our own bedroom. I am a diabetes sufferer and continually go through life with horrible aches, pains, and stiffening muscles. Immediately after a few lessons with Kelly, I began noticing stiffness and muscle aches diminishing. After a few more weeks, getting out of bed no longer caused me discomfort. I regained much flexibility that I had lost over the years. Kelly is a wonderful instructor. She explains and demonstrates yoga techniques with extreme professionalism and precision as well as meticulously observing mine and my wife's posture throughout various poses. Kelly is remarkable at observing how we move in order to determine exactly where we need more work to better our technique. My wife and I are amazed at her attention to detail and her genuine caring for our well being.
Roy & Elizabeth
My wife first began attending Kelly’s open classes at Krauses Cafe in New Braunfels. Around the same time that COVID first arrived in March we found out we were pregnant with our second child. To say that we were scared and stressed would be a serious understatement. During this time Kelly began offering free virtual sessions. It may seem small, but her sessions made a huge difference for my wife. She always really enjoyed Kelly’s classes before, and this gave her something to look forward to during this crazy and unpredictable time. Now I admit that I know nothing about yoga; I can’t even touch my toes. But I know genuine people when I meet them, and Kelly is as genuine as they come. I reached out to her for help with a birthday gift for my wife. Kelly helped me put together a package of membership and one-on-one sessions. It was the perfect gift, and my wife loved it! Kelly really cares about her clients, she has a big heart and a giving soul. So if you want to feel supported and cared for, go see Kelly; you’ll even get some yoga out of the deal.
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